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Published by Holy Cow! Press

This collaborative work of some 50 prose poems and photographs faithfully depicts the hard fought struggle for survival on the northern American frontier. Jim Johnson's prose poems tell a narrative account of Martha and Sulo, two Finnish immigrants fated to endure the unsparing landscape and climate of their Minnesota settlement. Marlene Wisuri incorporated images made from the glass plate negatives of her grandfather, Jesse C. Hendricks, along with her own contemporary photographs to document life in the New World.

$14.95 Softcover (MN $ .97 sales tax, $4.00 for shipping and handling.)

ISBN 0-930100-69-7 © 1996, second printing 2000

These logs have been cut and dried, squared and notched by a
man with an ax. These logs are older than he is and now he is only a memory. In the middle of each log you can see the beginning. Look closely. In the early morning it is a pond where a fish rises. The rings of the rise that spread out across the surface are like growth rings, each ring each year, each line written, until the last line touches the edge and whispers the same story to the black spruce grown out all around the pond.
This is the history of the world. Pass it on.
© Jim Johnson


Dovetailed Corners

Poems by Jim Johnson

Images by Marlene Wisuri

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