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Scott House Souvenirs
       by James Sheetz and Marlene Wisuri

Scott House is a magical homestead where history, beautiful things, and wonderful experiences converge in rural northern Minnesota. The site of a stage stop hotel on the first road to connect St. Paul with northern Wisconsin and Minnesota during the Military Road era, Scott House has been lovingly restored to a place where new memories are made and special events are enjoyed. Scott House Souvenirs relates its history with first hand accounts, letters, and recipes. Collections of artifacts and furniture are showcased with enchanting still life photographs. 

80 pages with over 70 black & white photos ~ softcover ~ 10" x 8 1/2"
ISBN 978-0-9765890-1-3            $12.95       
 © 2007

Between the Waters:  Tracing the Northwest Trail from Lake Superior to the Mississippi
      by Larry Luukkonen

Hunters, warriors, voyageurs, fur traders, missionaries and explorers can all be found traveling over the Northwest Trail in Between the Waters. This fascinating look at an important trade route will not only expose you to the rigors of navigating raging rivers and mosquito infested portages, but also introduce you to the colorful cast of characters who traveled the Northwest Trail. Historian Larry Luukkonen brings trail and traveler to life in a well-documented and illustrated account of early Minnesota history.


336 pages lavishly illustrated with maps, historic photos, and drawings
extensive bibliography and index, 8 1/2” x 11” 
© 2007

Soft Cover ~ $23  ISBN 978-0-9765890-3-7
Limited Edition Hardbound ~ $28 ~ 
ISBN 978-0-9765890-4-4

For author signings or programs, contact Larry Luukkonen at 218/426-3035
Between the Waters has been sold out. 


The Fish House Book:  Life on Ice in the Northland
     by Kathryn Nordstrom
        with an essay by Arnold R. Alanen

Fish houses are typically small in scale and simply built. Because of their utilitarian and functional features, they serve as examples of what scholars term “vernacular” buildings. But even though the form and construction of fish houses may be basic, a rich tradition of folklore, common sense, and science is associated with them. Ice fishing, in fact, often serves as the stuff of legend, and many of its practices are imbued with substantial doses of humor and levity. As revealed by the images that comprise the body of Kathryn Nordstrom’s book, some fish houses are so unique and idiosyncratic that they may be identified as “folk art on ice.” 
from the essay by Arnold Alanen

128 pages soft cover ~ 10" x 8 1/2" ~ full color with over 200 photographs featuring fish houses, fishing contests, winter activities, a fish house parade, and much more! 

ISBN 978-0-9765890-2-0  © 2007

Limited copies of The Fish House Book are now available through Dovetailed Press or may be found at some selected book and gift stores.
It is no longer available for wholesale and bookstore orders.

Scott House Souvenirs
Showcases Scott House and Military Road history and collections with text and photographs.

Between the Waters
An illustrated history of the Northwest Trail.

The Fish House Book

Watch for these books and contact us for more information