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Dovetail Press Author Workshops



Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing Your Family History

Community Education or Group Workshops

Everyone’s family has a story to tell. Marlene Wisuri has been conducting family history workshops for community education and other groups. These workshops deal with the collecting of family history that goes beyond strictly genealogical information. Organizing and storage of family archives can be challenging, so suggestions for organizing and archival preservation are covered. There are many ways of sharing family history including such things as books, CDs, scrapbooks, and on-line photo books and storage sites. Many of these options are explored using actual examples, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. Resources for further study are provided.

Instructor: Marlene Wisuri 

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your venue, contact Dovetailed Press at our contact page. 

Workshops can be designed to fit the needs of your group. They can be done in several formats that run from 1 hour presentations to several class sessions to full day workshops. 


These workshops are fun and informative!